Friday, December 11, 2015

Gardenia Group leaves Banks and Flat buyers in Limbo by not completing and delivering the Glory Project at Sec-46 Noida

This blog is a mode of providing the public at large information regading the the activities of Gardenia AIMS Flat Owners Association, a registered body under societies Act of India, which is a umbrella body aimed to co-ordinate the fight for our flats against our extremely cunning and cheat builder Gardenia Group.

Most of the flats for Gardenia Glory project were booked through group bookings in Sept'2009 by employees of some of the corporates like NTPC, HCL, ST Micro, Indian Oil, GAIL etc.. The groups were formed by the people on their own capacity without involvement of any organisation.

The biggest group of flat buyers was of NTPC Employees (approx. 300) and the NTPC Employees since start have maintained dialogues with builder. Being engineer themselves, the NTPC people kept informing builder from time to time in writing as well as through meetings that there is severe lack of deployment of resources and non-deployment of funds for this project (even after taking money from buyers) is going to delay the project heavily. However, builder kept on giving false promises and when the scheduled completion time of Mar'2012 appeared builders words were proved wrong. Slowly, the pressure was increased on builder to complete the project and also to clear the land dues as the builder has not paid the land payment installments since start. Till date also builder has not paid any of the land cost installment as per agreement of Land with Noida Authority. Recently it was also came into notice that builder has taken loan from banks also.

Amply clear, the builder has taken money from us (most of buyers have paid 90% cost of flats in 2012 itself), has taken loan from Banks against this property and still not paid the land cost to Authority and also construction is still not complete even after 3 years from the March 2012 deadline. 

In view of the builder's attitude, few of the NTPC guys extended communication with other buyers and an Association of flat owners named "Gardenia AIMS Flat Owners Association" was got registered in Dec'2012. After that also we tried to take-up the matter with builder but builders attitude was very casual and finally we are forced to file case for which we had communicated with members, collected legal evidences, finalised lawyer and finally petition was accepted in court in Feb'2014. The case was filed for delay penalty at the same rate at which builder charge from us i.e. 18% interest on the payment made by us should be payable by builder for his intentional delay, compensation for poor quality material and mental harassment by builder.

Th case status as you all are aware that the court has after noticing builders delay tectics has directed builder to first clear land dues and for all other our grivances the next hearing in January 2016 will be final hearing.


Gardenia AIMS Flat Owners Association.

Gardenia AIMS Flat Owners Association.
1.     Sh. Upendra Mishra  President (Mob-9650992106)
2.     Sh. Bharat Gupta General Secretary(Mob-9868366950)
3.     Sh. Sunil Wadhawa Treasurer  (mob-999259966).
4.      Sh. Lokesh Kr. Sharma (Mob-9650992157)
5.      Sh. Pratyush Anand (Mob-9971271781